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The Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP) was started as an offshoot of the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP), a state-federal partnership, focused on targeting high priority conservation issues in our region. These conservation goals are obtained by protecting environmentally sensitive land and water quality by restoring degraded wetlands and establishing vegetative buffers along streams and other bodies of water. In exchange for removing environmentally sensitive land from agriculture production and introducing conservation practices, land owners will be highly compensated. Besides the annual rental rate, land owners may also be eligible for tax break incentives, a sign on bonus, cost-share assistance, practice incentive payment and maintenance payments. 


Environmentally sensitive land is seen as but not limited to, land that borders rivers or streams or field margins. By taking these parcels out of production, it allows the land owner to participate in various conservation practices. Practices that include buffers for wildlife habitat, buffers for wetlands, riparian buffer, wetland restoration, filter strips, grass waterways, shelter belts, living snow fences, contour grass strips, salt torrent vegetation and shallow water areas for wildlife. These practices will not only benefit the wildlife and water quality, they will have benefits to the land itself from reduced erosion to healthier air quality. Benefits that will last not only the length of a contract period but if so desired, a lifetime. 


Winslow Fencing and Farming understands the need for conservation to our regions streams, rivers and water shed; and are proud to be involved as a contractor for this program. We offer cost effective pricing to not only help CREP with their conservation but also help the land owners bottom line.


Please feel free to contact us for more information and get your farm enrolled today!

Agricultural Cost Share Information

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